The Many Uses of Concrete

Concrete is a composite material made of different materials like water, cement, sand, and gravel that are mixed together into a liquid form that then hardens. Concrete is used in paving roads, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. It is also used in construction as a bonding agent to hold bricks together for walls or houses.

History of Concrete

Concrete has been known to be used for centuries, even dating back as far as the Roman Empire. In fact, by using actual blood as a bonding agent, the Romans figured out a way to make concrete that can be placed underwater without deteriorating over time. They used it to pave their roads and build their temples. In fact, many things that are built today like buildings, homes, and temples of worship are inspired by Roman architecture and their use of concrete.

Roads and Sidewalks

Have you ever seen a construction company working on repaving a road? Have you seen a new home being constructed? You can find concrete being used in both of these situations. To pave a new street or repair an old one, construction and road companies will mix cement, gravel, and water to create concrete to make a drivable road. Also, when a new home is being built, a driveway and sidewalk in front of the house need to be constructed so they use concrete. You may see a couple workers using a Walk Behind Compactor Rental irondequoit ny while they are pouring the concrete. This is to make the driveway and sidewalk flat and solid. It would be bad to have a sidewalk that is uneven and bumpy, so many companies will rent compactors to compact the concrete. You may also see these during road construction; however, they will be much, much bigger.

Homes and Yards

A home cannot be constructed without a proper foundation that is put in place. The foundation may be 5 feet deep into the earth and needs to be set and solid before any above-ground construction can take place. The foundation is made of concrete because it is trusted to remain hard and durable through out time. If the foundation is weak or uneven, the house will be as well. You may have seen houses with beautiful bricks walls around the outside of the yard. Those bricks are held in place by concrete because it is a great bonding agent once it has hardened. It is so strong that it can hold any bricks together, thus forming a decorative wall that lasts a lifetime.

As you can see, concrete is very important. It has many uses that we may take for granted. Without concrete, we would not be able to drive our cars on the road or have a home to stay in. No matter what the need is, the final result will turn out nicely with the use of concrete.