Cnc Lubricant Keeps Cnc Machines Running Smoothly

A CNC machine is also known as the computer numerical control machine and these computers are responsible for controlling machining tools such as drills, bores, tools, and lathes. In some instances, the CNC machine also controls 3D printers as well. The CNC machine is programmed by the operator and this code determines how the CNC machine will cut or mold the piece of metal, plastic, or wood. The molding or cutting of the material that is done by the CNC machine is down by a motorized maneuverable tool on a motorized maneuverable platform. The CNC machine also has a brain and the brain of the CNC machine is called the CAD files. CAD is also known as the computer aided design. The CAD provides a sequential program which provides the instructions that controls the CNC machine.

What Is CNC Lubrication

CNC machines have to be taken care of and maintained in order to keep functioning properly and at a high level. The main maintenance that is needed is to keep the machine lubricated. There are two types of lubrication that is used to keep the machines performing at a high level. Most cnc lubricants are known as a cutting fluid and behind-the-scenes lubricant. The cutting fluid is the most important of the lubrication because it keeps the CNC machine functioning at a high level. There are currently six types of cutting fluids available and they are water, soluble oils, mineral oils, straight oils, synthetic fluids, and semi-synthetic fluids. The way that cutting fluid functions is that it carries heat away from the workpiece that is used in the machining process. Not only does it remove heat, but it also lubricates all friction zones. This lubrication of the friction zones reduces electric power consumption, and this increases the life of the CNC machine.

Lubrication Improves CNC Performance

When the heat and friction is controlled on a CNC machine this keeps the machine performing and producing at a high level. When a CNC owner is looking to improve or maintain the health of a CNC machine the owner must take two things into consideration and they are the materials being used and the correct lubrication method. The correct lubrication refers to both cutting fluid and behind-the-scenes lubrication. Since the lubrication fluids can vary in substance such as water or gel form an owner must know which is the correct one. The right fluid form has to be used or it can damage the CNC machine or even cause it to malfunction. Although both fluids are equally important the cutting fluid is the most important slightly.

The machine especially needs lubricants when it is cutting materials such as aluminum, steel, and titanium. These metals can cause something called BUE which is also known as Chipping and Built-up Edge. These types of metals when they are cut can cause extra metal to break off during the cutting process and the heat from the cutting process causes extra metal to be welded onto the internal part of the CNC machine. With this particular type of cutting this is when behind-the-scenes lubrication becomes important as well because it keeps the internal parts of the CNC machine properly lubricated. If the proper lubrication is not used for this particular type of cutting it can lead to a lower quality product and more money spent on maintenance, but the proper lubrication can prevent all these issues.